Notice : Scammers missusing our landline number

we began receiving 'return' calls to our business landline number from all over the UK, from concerned individuals claiming they were returning our call or missed call, which had in fact been made by scammers. We've report to the police and currenly avoiding phone call on business line. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Think Global, Shop Local.


Village Stores started as mainly a fruit and vegetable shop selling locally grown produce wherever possible. Our source of vegetables and seasonal fruits from mostly Lancashire and Cheshire and collect it ourselves fresh. As dirt farmers we quickly got into plants and gardening stuff, (this was helped by Ibrahim the hairy one, being an old Sod) In fact the first weekend we opened we almost sold out. We buy in as large quantities as possible to keep prices low, the stock is replenished weekly, so we are not boring. We like to grow some of the stuff ourselves, and get much enjoyment from this, plus it helps keep prices down.

Due to the closure of the local Supermarket, our customers did not have anywhere to buy Soya Milk etc, and asked us to get some in, this we did and increased our stock to include Wholefoods we now have quite a large stock which increases every week as our customers ask us to get in even more. Soon we will get a refrigerated unit so will stock chilled foods, margarine etc. We stock mainly the Suma products but as time goes on we will try other suppliers.

Why Village stores?

We always have time for a chat; we are not here to get rich (just as well), and have made lots of friends here.


Keep visiting us, even if for only a chat as we are doing our best (with your help) to make this a better place.